Put simply, I'm a mom, a wife, and a teacher.

My daughter and son are adorable and wild and  lovely. They are 3 and 1, respectively, so to say they keep me on my toes would be putting it lightly. My husband and I got married in June 2011, and everyday is a new adventure! My Physical Education classes are full of teenagers who are some of the most entertaining creatures I have ever met- even though most of them would typically rather be in front of a television than do anything that may cause them to sweat!

I'd like to think I am fairly good at these roles that I have taken on.

But I'm so much more than that...

I love camping and traveling, planning parties, crafting, going to Disneyland, baking, exploring a love/hate relationship with running, decorating my house, and cheering for the San Francisco Giants amongst a sea of Dodger fans. I love to dress up even though most of my days are spent in sweats. At any given time, you can find paint or dirt (sometimes both) under my glitter-polished nails. I never go very far without flip flops, sunscreen, a sports bra, or my phone... but I'm working on that.

I am going to try to document as much as I can. This will be a space to remember, reflect, learn, and share my experiences- not only as mom, wife, or teacher- but as Kristen. Welcome to my adventure!

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