July 30, 2010

My own green monster

Yesterday was a good day. I ate pretty well throughout the day (Although I did sneak 2 cookies. But they were totally worth it!) I made my own version of a green monster, and healthy smoothie idea I got from reading Angela's blog over at Oh She Glows. Remember the other day when I picked of the bottle of whey protein powder but didn't get it? There's all kinds of healthy ingredients like whey, chia seeds, and flax (just to name a few) that I'm sure make it an even healthier food option, but I'm starting slow, so all I put in mine was a couple of handfuls of spinach, a banana, nonfat strawberry yogurt, and some vanilla soy milk. It. Was. Delicious!
Then I made the mistake of saying something about it on facebook. Some of my friends felt the need to discuss liquid diets with me... not where I was going with this. Oh well. It was good, I'm going to make it again, but it definitely will NOT be all I consume.

For dinner last night, we made a veggie pizza. Mushrooms, spinach, green peppers, and onions. Aside from the cheese, not the worst meal ever.

We also worked out. Brian has these videos from the P90X guy so we did some cardio and abs. Then we took the dog for a walk. He's still a puppy and he gets tired pretty quickly, so it was more of a leisurely walk, not a -get-your-heart-rate-up walk. Not up to my old workout standards, but it's a start.

Since I need to start prepping the dog for when I go back to work in two weeks and I need to stop making excuses, today I'm going to leave him alone for a little bit while I go for a jog. And maybe do some shopping. We're going to a Toby Keith concert tonight and I want to look cute! ;-)

July 28, 2010

Baby steps

For lunch today I had some scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms, and pepper jack cheese (my faaaaaaavorite!) and it was actually quite delicious!

The only problem was that I used 3 eggs and now I'm way too stuffed. 
Now, I know there are several things I could have done to make this little meal even more healthy. Like, lose the egg yolks. Or leave out the cheese. But baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

Brian is taking Kevin to his parents' house tonight, so I'm off the hook for cooking. I'll probably head over to my parents and partake in some of their cooking! :)

July 27, 2010

Let the healthy eating begin!

Today is the start of a beautiful relationship... with food. I've always liked loved food. This might sound horrible, but when I was like in middle school, I used wish that I could be anorexic because I've always known that I enjoyed food way too much. It's not usually a problem because I work out, but lately Brian and I have been going out on dates and have embarked in our on-going search for the perfect crepe and the best clam chowder. I know. I'm the epitome of health.

But today is a new day. I'm jumping on board the healthy-organic-gluten-free-whole-wheat-flax-eating-Omega-3 bandwagon. Okay, maybe not quite. I did pick up a bottle of chocolate whey protein. Like, held it in my hand. But then I put it back down. I haven't been fully converted yet, I guess, 

I did, however, get some peaches, bananas, cottage cheese, vanilla soy milk, corn, asparagus, chicken, eggs, carrots, hummus... good stuff like that.

I think tonight's dinner was definitely a step in the right direction. We had grilled chicken that I marinated in some Baja Chipotle marinade. Along with the chicken, we Brian grilled some ears of corn, zucchini, and asparagus, and I made some rice as a side dish.

I know that if I want to be a "real" blogger, I should've taken pictures, but I was hungry and excited. And I didn't want Brian to think I was crazy. Maybe next time. 

I had Brian go through a cook book that I bought a couple of weeks ago and mark all of the recipes he was interested in. Tomorrow I'm going to take a look at his selections and get going from there. I'm pleased with how tonight's dinner turned out, so I really think this could be the start of something great!

Let's do this

I've always been an athlete. I love getting dirty. I love sweating. I love feeling my muscles working. My mom is constantly telling me to be a lady. I recently got into the best shape of my life.

October 2009- I did my first triathlon... it was an awesome experience!

December 2009- I finished first in my age group in a 5k!

February 2010- I ran my first half-marathon!

March 2010- I ran the LA Marathon!

Now it's been a couple of months and I haven't done any races or really worked out at all other than a couple of pick up soccer games. I feel flabby and slow... and I pretty much despise how I feel. Every new athletic experience I've ever had has always been positive and beneficial to my body and mind, and it's time to get those endorphins back. I want to try everything I possibly can and be physically ready for each challenge that awaits me.

I want to document my achievements here in order to hold me accountable and keep me motivated. I also have a lot of female friends and acquaintances that complain about their own weight and/or health, so I hope that what I discover for myself can also help them. So here we go!