August 23, 2012

Throw Back Thursday: First Picture

Well believe it or not, this post has nothing to do with the baby. (Although I can’t promise I won’t mention her once or twice!) This one is a blast from the not so distant past…
34574_1521588881577_2080024_n[1] This is one of the first pictures that Brian and I took together. To be exact, it was the third one.

These were the first two:
34209_1521588801575_8141706_n[1] 38431_1521588601570_7109352_n[1]

We couldn’t get the lighting quite right…

But anyway, this was in January 2010, shortly after we had started dating.We went to the Griffith Observatory to star gaze. He was easy to talk to and we had a ton of fun from the day we met, but this was when we were really just starting to become completely at ease with each other. Like we had known each other for years.

And that’s why I love that first picture. (Well, all of them- aside from the lighting!) We were so genuinely happy to be there with each other and it's so easy to read that on our faces! We’re not only smiling with our mouths, but also with our eyes. I can look back at these pictures and remember exactly how I felt- a slight flutter in my stomach that accompanies a new love, giddiness at the jokes and one-liners we playfully bounced off of each other, contentment at spending quality time with someone I was growing more and more in love with.

The amazing thing is that, other than some extra weight and a few more wrinkles, we are still that happy, smiling couple posing on top of a Los Angeles hillside. I still feel that flutter when he walks in the door after he comes home from work. We still crack each other up with jokes that only we would understand. I feel contentment in the best possible way when I see him pick up our daughter and pat our dog on the head and then lean down to give me a kiss.

Although these pictures weren’t taken that long ago, we have gone through so much together. I cherish being able to look back at these snapshots of the beginning of this crazy adventure of ours and reflect on how far we’ve come. Who would have guessed that the goofy, bearded boy that took me to the observatory that night would become my entire world and the love of my life. ♥

August 22, 2012

Dear Giuliana: Month 2

month 2 Collage My beautiful little Giuliana,
I’m writing this late- two weeks late, actually. But I’ve been spending almost all of my time with you, and it’s precious time better spent enjoying you rather than blogging about you. But I have been taking more pictures than I can count and when I have the time, I jot down little notes so I can make sure to remember as much as I can. I didn’t know it before you came into our lives, but so much happens within the first months of life. You amaze me everyday with how strong you’re growing and how beautiful you’re becoming- and that’s pretty spectacular because you were such a strong and gorgeous baby from the minute I met you.
You like to grunt. It’s really cute. You and I accompanied daddy to his dentist appointment and a lady in the waiting room overheard your grunting and told me that you’re going to be a talker. Considering the family you’re coming from, she’ll probably be right! And I’m excited to hear everything you have to say!
You’re starting to smile more and more. You smiled last month, but as difficult as it was to admit, we all knew they were gassy smiles. Now they’re real. You respond to us and our facial expressions. And when you smile back at me, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. ♥

You really are a strong baby. You’re getting bigger- at your 2 month check up they said you were 10 pounds, 10 ounces and 24.5 inches… average weight and 97th percentile for height! It will be nice if you continue on that trend. I told the doctor that maybe you’ll be a volleyball player. He replied, “yeah. Or a model.” (See, even your doctor thinks you’re beautiful!)
You’ve started to roll- well, trying to roll, at least. In that picture to the right- of you and dad sleeping- you rolled to your side on your own right there. I had to snap that picture with my phone because you and daddy were sleeping the same way, and it was adorable. I love you both so much!
You’ve rolled to your side multiple times now and it makes me so proud and I can’t help but cheer you on. Like, I literally startle you because I get so excited and loud. I’m warning you now- whether you become a volleyball player or a model, a dancer or a pianist- I will be at every game, recital, and/or show and I will be cheering you on. Always. I will be your biggest fan.
I know this is probably going to embarrass future teenage-Giuliana, but I couldn’t help but post another PJ picture because you are so. darn. cute. I can’t get over it. And especially cuddled up with Kevin. He loves you and is so protective of you. In fact, whenever someone new is holding you, he will go and lay down in front of them. And you got to meet a lot of friends this month! Pretty much the whole gang. And let me tell you, you are a loved baby! What a lucky way to enter the world- so many people to love you and teach you and look after you! We are a lucky family!

But I need to go back to the PJs… you are so cuddly in pajamas. You’re cuddly all the time, but even more so in long sleeves and footies. And since you were born right smack in the middle of summer, the only time I get to hold you in so much clothing is at night or early morning in your pajamas. You seem to like cuddling as much as I do and I hope that continues because it brightens my day. Sometimes my arm starts to fall asleep or I really want that diet Dr. Pepper that’s just out of my reach, but cuddling you relaxes me and there is no better feeling than holding you and feeling you squeeze me back.

You’re not always sleeping though. You were the first month, but now you’re awake A LOT more. So we have dance parties. You really like music. Disney and LMFAO songs to be exact. As far as I can tell, your favorite song is a tie between Part of Your World and Sexy and I Know It… what can I say, you like to wiggle.

Usually, you’re laying on your back while I move your arms and legs around. When you were smaller, I had to do most of the movements but now, you’re doing a lot on your own. You like to kick and punch now! And you always keep your little fists and toes all clenched up! I think music is going to play a very important role in your life. When we’re in the car and you start to cry, we pop in turn on some Disney and you’re a happy camper. Good thing daddy LOVES the Disney, right?? It’s been a lot of fun- we all sing and laugh together. They’re songs that bring back happy memories from childhood, and I hope they’ll do the same for you.

In such a short time, we’ve already had so much fun….

We go on walks. Sometimes they’re just quick ones to take Kevin out. We’d stay out  longer, but it’s hot outside! Sometimes it’s with Daddy and Kevin in the evening. You love your Ergo carrier. And you love nature. You like to watch tree branches blow in the breeze. You like to look at flowers. When we’re outside, it’s like you’re in constant awe and your eyes constantly scan back and forth. When we’re stuck inside because of the heat, you love to look out of the widows.

We watched the MLB All-Star game together. I hope you like sports because you’re going to be watching them a lot. At the very least, I think you will definitely grow up with a healthy respect for athleticism and competition.

We took a family trip to the zoo! You slept through a lot of it, but when you were awake, there were tons of trees to look at. :) And Daddy and I had a fun day too. It was our first real family adventure- just the three of us, and we all handled ourselves quite well. Then you even let me and dad eat a nice lunch and go Costco shopping. A perfect trifecta of a day! And Miss Giuliana, you are quite the monkey lover!
zoo Collage

We celebrated Grandpa Howie’s birthday! You let us go out to a nice dinner that night too! There were other babies in the restaurant that got fussy and their parents had to switch off taking them outside. YOU, however, slept through the entire meal and allowed me and daddy to feel all nice and smug. Keep up the good work baby!

And finally, in some of my favorite pictures to date, you and I had a photo shoot while daddy and Kevin slept… you started off asleep and I was taking pictures of the 3 of you on the bed, but then little Miss Personality woke up and now these pictures make me smile every time I see them!
funnyfaces Collage Giuliana, I have loved watching you grow these last couple of months. You have brought me so much joy and although my life is 100% different than it was at the beginning of summer, I wouldn’t trade any of it. You  delight me, frustrate me, teach me, and amaze me. I love you so, so much!