March 1, 2011

Gym Time and More About Me!

I finally did it... I joined the gym. It's not like I need a gym. It's not like I have tons of time and money that I need to spend. But I am on the porkier side and for some reason, nothing helps me lose weight like group exercise classes. So I did it. And I got my mom to jump on board too!

I started March off with a bang and I headed to the gym after softball practice. I did a Body Blast class- which was basically an hour off light strength training with dumb bells. It felt good! I wanted to stay for the next class which was a Boot Camp class, but I don't want to be so sore that I can't get back there tomorrow. So I hopped on the treadmill instead. I wanted to test myself to see if I could run a mile without slowing down to walk. (I still can. Whew!) I did half a mile and I wanted to stop. But I told myself to just get through a mile. And once I got to a mile, I decided to just keep going til I get through 20 minutes. So I did. And I burned just under 200 calories. So that about takes care of one of those damn Thin Mints I had earlier. As far as those other 8 go...

I do feel really good. I love working out. I don't know why I ever stopped!

Time for more question answering time!...

1. I am currently obsessed with my upcoming wedding. We are officially 102 days away. I'm pretty sure I'm right on track with where I should be, but I'm also pretty sure it's all I ever talk/think/dream about!

2. Today I am exuberant because I feel like I was pretty productive at work, I went to the gym, I'm getting to spend some good quality time with my boys tonight, and I have A LOT to look forward to in the coming weeks (and months!)

3. The age I am is 27 and the age I feel is old! I feel all these aches and pains that I never used to have, the kids are using terms now that I've never heard of before, I use terms that they've never heard before! Nah, I really feel about my age, maybe even younger. Life is good!

4. My favorite place is anywhere with Brian. Corny, but true. We genuinely have a great time together and pretty much any situation ends up being fun. Even when we're stuck in the emergency room all day on a Sunday!

5. Something I have been procrastinating is nothing, for a change! I always procrastinate, but this year, I've actually been on top of everything!

6. The last thing I purchased was a gym membership!

7. The thing I love most about my home is the love from my little family. It didn't feel like a home until Brian and Kevin got here!